Advancing veterinary diagnostics through cutting-edge technology

Trust St Cloud, MN's Premier Veterinary Office

Granite City Pet Hospital uses the latest tools and technology to provide your pet with superior health care. Our office in St Cloud, MN performs veterinary diagnostics using ultrasounds, digital radiology and an on-site laboratory. Explore our pet diagnostic services in greater detail below.

A veterinary ultrasound helps keep your pet comfortable and healthy

Ultrasound is commonly used in veterinary diagnostics and as a therapeutic tool. Here are some of the advantages of using ultrasound technology:

  • It's a minimally invasive technique that gives the pet owner and veterinarian a great deal of information about the patient quickly and safely.
  • Patients do not require sedation or anesthesia for a routine ultrasound exam, since it is painless.
  • It provides real-time imaging, making it a good tool for guiding minimally invasive procedures, such as needle biopsies.
  • It often avoids the need for exploratory surgery.

Talk to our staff to see if an ultrasound is right for your pet.

Experience the speed and convenience of digital radiography

Digital radiography plays a vital role in pet diagnostic services. With our on-site digital X-ray machine, we can view high-quality X-rays moments after taking them. This allows our staff to expedite your visit and get your pet back on the road to recovery sooner. Also, this technology limits your pet's exposure to radiation, making their visit as safe as possible.

Get the benefits of our on-site laboratory

Our in-house laboratory in St Cloud, MN lets us provide pet diagnostic services with very minimum wait time. The staff at Granite City Pet Hospital knows how stressful having a sick pet can be. To help reduce the stress we can perform in-house complete blood count (CBC), blood chemistry and many other pet diagnostic services to help pinpoint the cause of your pet's illness. Uncovering disease before it becomes advanced will allow us to provide appropriate treatment and recommendations to help your pet recover.

Take advantage of our nutritional counseling

Just like humans, your pets may have dietary restrictions that make typical pet foods unsuitable for them. Our staff will counsel you and your family on the many nutritional diet options available to pet owners.

Prescription formula options are used to help control urinary crystals, kidney disease, diabetes, weight loss and many other conditions. Please consult with a member of our staff to find the diet that fits your pet's needs.